• SEBINO | Fire and Security

  • Key fact

    1. Active Player in the design and production of Fire Fighting and Security Systems

    • Sebino Antincendio, Italian SME based in Madone (BG), has been operating for 40 years in the design, development and installation of fire and security systems. The company also offers maintenance services
    • Gianluigi Mussinelli, CEO, plays an operational role within the Company and has a consolidated experience in the sector

    2. Offices and Production Plants in Italy and Romania

    • Madone, BG (Italia) (headquarters) – Executive Offices and Production Plant, overall area of 9,650 sm, 70 employees
    • Bucarest e Timisoara (Romania) – Executive and Technical Management Offices, 14 employees

    3. The Company consists of three Business Units: Fire, Security and Service

    • BU Fire: design, construction and final test of fire-fighting systems
    • BU Security: design of surveillance systems. It covers various sectors such as fire detection, anti-intrusion alarms and video surveillance
    • BU Service: ordinary maintenance, always ensuring the perfect efficiency of the system; extraordinary 24/7 maintenance

    4. Strong expertise of the management team

    • Highly qualified Management Team – with background in leading multinationals and consolidated expertise in all Business Units – that has been leading the remarkable growth of the Company in the last 10 years

    5. Constantly growing Financials

    • Consolidated revenues growing in the considered period (18-19), equal to 39,7 Mln€ (YoY: +10,5%). EBITDA Adj. growing both in absolute (from 4.0 Mln€ in 2018 to 6,4 Mln€ in 2019) and relative terms (from 11.2% in 2018 to 16,2% in 2019) as to sales

    4. Buy&Build Growth Strategy

    • The Company’s strategy is also based on external growth. Sebino acquired Protector Impianti Antincendio S.a.S. in 2014 and SBS Security System S.r.l. in 2016, standing out as an aggregating pole in a very fragmented sector

    Three Business Units

    BU Fire

    BU dedicated to the design, construction and testing of fire-fighting systems. The process initially involves the analysis of potential risks and the application of hydraulic calculations performed in compliance with national and international standards. Once the parameters have been verified, the system is built and installed. The last phase involves the validation of the completed installations and the testing of the system with the customer together with the training necessary to manage the system itself

    BU Security

    BU dedicated to the design and installation of tailor-made surveillance systems tailor-made meeting the different needs of customers in terms of systems and components. The Company’s product range includes:

    • Fire detection
    • Anti-intrusion alarm
    • Video surveillance
    • Video analysis
    • Access control

    BU Service

    BU dedicated to ordinary and extraordinary system maintenance (both Fire and Security), in order to guarantee the correct operation over time and to intervene promptly in the event of sudden system malfunctions. The Company offers a 24/7 monitoring service of technological parameter from a Control Room, which ensures high safety standards.

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    Last update 26/01/2023
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