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    Sebino Fire and Security has been operating for over 40 years in the design, supply, installation and maintenance sector of firefighting systems to protect industrial complexes, logistics warehouses, shopping malls, intensive warehouses, power plants, banks and credit institutes, airports, hospitals, public boards and institutions, small and medium-sized companies, telecommunications and electricity distribution centers, commercial activities and more.

    The consensus built over the years has led Sebino to structure itself to meet the new demands of an ever changing market.

    Sebino meets the Customer’s needs with targeted, customized and simple control projects, coaching and training the customer to be independent, looking for innovative and at the same time reliable technologies available on the market over time.

    As a System Integrator, Sebino Fire and Security is able to respond to every security and safety need by designing the most suitable solution regardless of the business to which it is applied.

    Sebino’s experience is developed in large areas in the sectors of logistics, manufacturing, large-scale distribution, financial services, fashion & luxury, energy that need a contact person with special skills who is able of identifying individual needs and developing solutions for “made to measure” security and safety.

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