• SEBINO | Fire and Security

  • Occupational safety systems

    The Sebino team has researched a TRACK system to increase the worker safety. With its quick connection, SEBINO TRACK monitors people and moving objects, particularly in the event of a fall.
    By simply pressing the alarm button or in the event of a fall, it is possible to communicate directly to the control room through the handsfree phone integrated in the device. SEBINO TRACK is an extremely compact system, has low running costs and it is intuitive and easy to use.


    Peace of mind and Operational Safety

    Sebino has also developed a rescue device to meet to the safety needs in daily operations. The system simply requires programming and a voice and data SIM, and the alarms can be controlled by a manager and also from the control room, alerting the persons in charge and / or the safety / rescue bodies in charge.
    By managing an emergency and intervening in a timely and targeted way, lives can be saved and risks can be significantly reduced.