The changes that have taken place in recent years, both in the local and global markets, and the even more demanding challenges that are yet to come, can be faced successfully only if companies strengthen their all-round ability to compete: reinforcing and qualifying specific competencies, increasing their ability and flexibility in meeting the market demands and broadening their operational areas regarding services and products as well as expanding their geographical territory.

In line with this medium and long-term perspective, Sebino has taken over the business of Protector Impianti Antincendio S.a.s. in Settimo Milanese, a company with solid experience and highly valued know-how gained over 45 years of specific and specialised activity in the field of civil and industrial Active Fire Protection.

This take-over means that Sebino can offer to their customers and to the market an even more complete and professional service in the design, creation and installation of systems to detect and extinguish fires, guaranteeing not only their usual care in the various phases of the order, but also a more prompt and efficient after-care support for all types of fire systems.

Having reached such a high level of technical specialisation, Sebino can offer design and operating solutions which are up to date with the most recent regulations in force in the field of Fire Protection, with systems created for both the civil and industrial sectors which are built with advanced prefabrication techniques and installation methods.

Furthermore, having a number of sites in the area covered by Sebino means a more focused and effective relationship with the market, better handling of the problems related to fire protection and firefighting, and optimum use of resources, resulting in a reduction of operating costs, all of which increase our competitiveness.