At Your Service

It makes sense to invest in a fire fighting, security, smoke detecting, CCTV system only if the system is always kept efficient.
An engineer team is at our customers’ disposal for all services after delivery.



Monitoring and Remote Assistance Centralization

In order to guarantee the correct operation of each technological component of the system in the long run, Sebino Antincendio not only offers the suitable maintenance services, but its own Control Room, too.

To solve the faults related to a malfunction and/or a failure of the fire fighting, intruder alert and/or CCTV system, it is possible to ask for the monitoring service and/or remote assistance. The customer does not need to carry out the operations that are necessary to keep security at high level; he only has to sign a service agreement to have them done. This service implies that the supplied systems are centralized in our Control Room, where our operators can deal with each fault by reading the graphic maps reproducing the position and the type of each installed component.

This way the operator can see the faults in real time and directly intervene to stop and start the system, reset alarms, restore failures, enable and disable sensors or areas, change codes, download events from the memory, test the operation of the equipment and carry out many further operations as if he were on site.


Scheduled service activities

  • daily connection via safe link to the customer’s systems to check the status of all system components;
  • checklist-type reports at pre-defined intervals of time on system status, recorded faults and suggested solutions.

Together with the monitoring agreement, it is possible to ask for the remote assistance service, requiring a specific agreement. In case of faults, the service includes the following upon the customer’s authorization or automatically:

  • remote intervention by the monitoring operator;
  • involvement of in-home second level experts;
  • activation of an on-site technical intervention.

These services can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs


Ordinary Maintenance

After system delivery, we suggest a skilled ordinary maintenance service, always ensuring perfect efficiency of the system. Controls shall be timed according to the relevant standards (3 months, 6 months…), however each time it is necessary to check the correct operation of each part of the system so that it is always ready to trigger.

In case of faults out of ordinary maintenance operations, we promptly inform the customer, who is kept updated on the system status.

Upon request, we eliminate any malfunction and restore the operation.

After each inspection, relevant certificates are issued, in compliance with the standards, for company safeguard to statutory obligations.


Extraordinary Maintenance

We also have an efficient extraordinary maintenance service based on round the clock daily availability.
At the dedicated telephone number there is always someone answering each call and organizing the intervention.

Our engineers are supplied with perfectly equipped vans with all necessary tools and most common parts to perform the intervention.
Timeliness and quality ensure constant efficient maintenance aiming at keeping the systems perfectly operational.