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    Sebino Service S.r.l. is the company of the Sebino Group that brings together in a unicum, maintenance activities of fire protection systems of historical companies such as Protector S.r.l. (acquired in 2016), Riccardi S.r.l. (acquired in 2020) and Sebino Antincendio S.r.l. itself, active for over 40 years in the sector. The concentration in this company of all the expertise accumulated by the various maintenance activities carried out by these companies, and the technological innovations introduced in the last years, has led Sebino Service S.r.l. to:

    • Provide high quality maintenance services on fire extinguishing systems, whether they are gas, water mist, sprinkler, foam, hydrant systems… ensuring their perfect operational efficiency;
    • Carry out fine-tuned maintenance interventions on mobile firefighting devices;
    • Maintain continuously efficient, smoke and fire detection systems, using advanced technologies such as suction technologies or with the use of thermal imaging cameras…

    Sebino Service S.r.l., has introduced on the Italian market an innovative service called SebinoConnect® which, using its own control room (not managed by third parties) allows the continuous monitoring of the operating parameters of the fire detection, fire prevention and fire protection systems as well as of the CCTV, access control and intrusion detection systems. The objective of this service is the continuous monitoring of the operation of these systems through the installation of appropriate sensors, to immediately detect an out of service and be able to promptly intervene remotely or in presence. To guarantee this result, our team of technicians is available to each customer for all services after delivery.

    SebinoConnect® is a registered trademark of Sebino S.p.A.