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  • Hydrants

    Fire fighting hydrant networks aim at guaranteeing the adequate water supply to fight fires using hydrants and hoses connected to them. By their very nature, they will cover the area surrounding the installation point and will be able to operate in synergy with other fire-fighting systems present in the various rooms.

    It is important to consider that for a correct design of fire fighting hydrant networks, a series of good engineering criteria must always be met, which not only comply with law provisions, but also with solid reliability and safety features of the system as a whole. In practical terms, this means that the hydrant networks must at least meet the minimum flow and pressure requirement of the systems and fast reaction times. The water systems that feed the hydrant networks shall consequently keep their pressure state constant.

    Sebino Fire and Security designs outdoor (UNI 70) and indoor (UNI 45 / Naspi UNI 25) hydrant networks to protect any work activity, with pipes suitably sized according to hydraulic calculations depending on the type of risk envisaged by regulations.