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    SEBINO Group and EPROM Strategic agreement

    SEBINO Group and EPROM sign a strategic agreement for long-term development of Security activities

    There is no denying that the fire prevention, video surveillance and access control sectors are undergoing a major technological change affecting our companies.
    Artificial intelligence, eco-friendly infrastructure, remote signal management, and platforms for digitization will all be drivers that propel our products and services to success in the near future. To facilitate this transformation, we felt it necessary to generate acquisitions to meet these challenges.

    These are the reasons why SEBINO SECURITY and EPROM SYSTEM agreed upon the terms of a seamless integration aimed at celebrating the distinctive features of the two companies, renowned for the quality of their installations and the promptness of their service. To this end, the two companies will combine their technical, production and financial resources in an attempt to offer increasingly advanced solutions, meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

    According to the terms of the contract signed 20/01/2023 and effective 01/02/2023, EPROM SYSTEM Srl’s entire organizational structure, as well as all related activities and facilities, have been integrated to form a stronger division of the SEBINO Group and will maintain operational continuity both with regards to productivity and existing commercial agreements.

    This coordinated step consolidates and strengthens Sebino’s position and allows for better and more audacious long-term planning of advanced products, systems and services for the Security sector.

    Discover the virtual guided tour of a pumping station

    In the new video shot by the specialists of Sebino Fire and Security it is possible to take a virtual guided tour of a pumping station.

    The route starts with an aerial overview of the water reserve tank, equipped with a useful capacity equal to 600 cubic meters of water, and then continues inside the diesel tank with sprinkler motor pump and hydrant system motor pump.

    Subsequently, the guided tour continues with a detail of the motorized ventilation damper and, inside the room, with the sprinkler motor pump unit (2000 us gpm @ 101 meters). We then focus on the delivery pipe of the sprinker motor pump and on the detailed exploration of the primary motor pump and the hydrant system, characterized by a flow rate of 72 cubic meters of water per hour. (@ 78 meters).

    We then reach the exhaust fumes of the sprinkler motor pump, installed on the ceiling, and the electric jockey sprinkler (flow rate 4 mc/h for 116 meters). Here, at the end of the video, it is possible to see the detail of the test circuit of the sprinkler motor pump.

    It is a really interesting virtual tour, which allows you to appreciate the complexity of the pumping station through its various components, all operating in complete synergy. It also represents an excellent opportunity to closely observe the quality of Sebino systems, an international reference point for the excellent resolution of security problems in a broad way, ranging from from fire to burglar alarm, video surveillance.

    Sebino S.p.A. takes over Riccardi S.R.L.’s


    The acquisition will take all innovative Services developed by Sebino S.p.A. throughout the national territory more than ever, further expanding the group’s customer base

    Madone (BG), 1st July 2020 –Sebino S.p.A. (“Sebino” or the “Company”) has signed a contract for the acquisition of the entire activity managed by the company Riccardi S.r.l. (“Riccardi”), registered office in Casale Monferrato (AL) (the “Operation”). Historical company operating on the market for over thirty years, Riccardi is leader in Italy in the maintenance of fire-fighting systems and equipment, as well as in the execution of extinguishing systems according to the most advanced technologies.

    The Operation involves the acquisition by Sebino of the entire share capital of a newly established company (“Newco”), after Riccardi has transferred the company branch relating to operational maintenance and system engineering activities (thus excluding real estate properties and some non-strategic asset unrelated to the core business), as well as all employees, equal to approximately 70 units (the “Transaction”).

    The Operation is expected to be closed in the first week of July.

    The value of the Operation is approximately 1.5 million Euro. The amount may be subject to adjustments during the nine months following the closing, according to the usual verifications and analyses for this type of transaction. The auditing company of the Sebino group (BDO Italia S.p.A.) has already been appointed, among others, to carry out inspection procedures (Agreed Upon Procedures) on some of Newco’s assets and liabilities on 30th June 2020 deriving from the Transaction.

    Newco, which has taken on the company name of Sebino Service S.r.l., shall be operational in the offices of Casale Monferrato (AL), Cagliari, Cadoneghe (PD) and Guidonia Montecelio (RM).

    The Production Value achieved by Riccardi in 2019 was approximately 9.5 million Euro. The Adjusted EBITDA achieved by Riccardi in 2019 was equal to 0.6 million Euro. On 31st December 2019, the value of the assets acquired by Sebino through Newco is equal to approximately 5.1 million Euro, the Net Equity equal to approximately 1.1 million Euro and the Net Financial Position equal to approximately 1.0 million Euro (net debt).

    Sebino’s Chief Executive Officer Gianluigi Mussinelli stated: “As a result of this acquisition, Sebino strengthens its Business Unit Service, which in 2019 had a turnover of approximately €1.2 million. This acquisition allows us to extend the innovative services that Sebino has developed in the field of predictive maintenance and remote control of technological parameters of Fire and Security systems to the entire national territory, as well as further expand our customer base”.

    In the transaction Sebino has been assisted by Studio Legale Bonelli Erede as Legal Advisor and by TLF – TaxLaw & Finance as Financial Advisor.

    * * *

    For the dissemination and storage of Regulated Information, the company uses the 1INFO dissemination system, managed by Computershare S.p.A. based in Milan, via Lorenzo Mascheroni 19 and authorized by CONSOB.

    Press release available on www.1INFO.it and on www.sebino.eu.

    * * *

    • Alphanumeric code: SEB (ordinary shares) – WSEB23 (warrant)
    • ISIN code of ordinary shares: IT0005413510
    • ISIN code of warrant IT0005413502

    * * *

    Sebino (AIM:SEB), Sebino, has been operating for 40 years on the Italian market and for 10 on the Romanian market. It is one of the main System Integrators in both countries, operating in the design, development and installation of fire and security systems mainly for Multinationals and Main Contractors. Sebino also offers an innovative maintenance 24/7 service via remote control.


    For more information

    Company Contacts

    Sebino S.p.A. | investors@sebino.eu | Tel: +39 035 292811

    Nominated Adviser Contacts

    Integrae SIM S.p.A. | info@integraesim.it | Tel: +39 02 87208720

    Sebino S.p.A. starts trading on the AIM Italia Market

    Sebino S.p.A. admitted to trading on the AIM Italia Market

    Successful float of no. 1,782,000 newly issued ordinary shares. Unit price of 2.0 Euro per share.
    Investor demand 3.7 times higher than asset inflow of approximately 3.6 million Euro.


    •   Start of trading scheduled for 19th June 2020

    •   Publication of the Admission Document and the “Warrant Sebino S.p.A. 2020-2023” Regulation

    Madone, 18th June 2020 Sebino S.p.A. (“Sebino” or “Company”), is a leading System Integrator in the engineering and 24/7 remote control of fire and security systems, with specific specialization in design and installation both in Italy and abroad. It operates in the logistics market and is active in the industrial and civil sector, on behalf of primary Italian and foreign customers. The Company successfully completed the listing process and is admitted to trade ordinary shares and “Warrant Sebino S.p.A. 2020-2023” on the AIM Italia multilateral trading system, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

    The trading start date of ordinary shares and “Sebino Warrants 2020-2023” is set on Friday 19th June 2020.

    * * *


    The admission took place after floating 1,782,000 ordinary cum warrant shares – greenshoe included – all in capital increase, mainly aimed at institutional, professional investors, generating a demand from investors 3.69 times higher than asset inflow.

    The overall equivalent of the offer is approximately € 3.6 million at the floating price of € 2.00 per share.

    The operation provides for the assignment of no. 1 warrant for each new share subscribed as part of the capital increase. The operating windows are scheduled for 2021, 2022 and 2023 where nr. 1 converted share can be subscribed every 5 held warrants.

    * * *


    The Company share capital after capital increase consists of 13,282,000 ordinary shares – greenshoe included – with nominal value of zero. Based on the offer price, Sebino’s capitalization upon admission is approximately € 26.6 million. The free float of the post-capital increase is equal to 13.42% of the Company’s share capital.

    The following table shows the composition of the corporate structure resulting from the capital increase:

    Shareholder No. of Shares on the Date of the Admission Document No. of Shares after Capital increase (Greenshoe included)
    Shares % Shares %
    Nexus I. S.r.l. 6.095.00 53 6.095.000 45,89
    Cadei Family 4.830.000 42 4.830.000 36,37
    Giovanni Romagnoni 575.000 5 575.000 4,33
    Market (*) 0 0 1.782.000 13,42
    Total 11.500.000 100 13.282.000 100

    (*) Investors falling within the definition of “float” pursuant to the AIM Issuers’ Regulation and those not falling within this definition are intended.

    * * *

    Sebino’s Chief Executive Officer, Gianluigi Mussinelli commented: “Our arrival on the AIM market proves the determination of an Italian SME, in the Bergamo area, which has not been stopped by Covid-19, and wishes to represent in these difficult and uncertain times a symbol of courage and the will of a company and its collaborators to determine one’s future, involving the most far-sighted and active part of our country in this.
    Today’s is not a finish line, but the first step on a path of new projects and growth that we have always pursued with strength and determination, to share the results with our collaborators and partners and the market. Finally, I would like to thank all those who helped us to reach this milestone which is so important to us”.

    * * *


    In the procedure for admission to trading on AIM Italia, Sebino is assisted by Integrae SIM, as Nominated Adviser, Global Coordinator Bookrunner and Specialist, by Arkios Italy as Financial Advisor, Tax Law Finance as External Advisor, by the law company Bonelli Erede Lombardi Pappalardo, as deal counsel, and by BDO Italia as auditing company.

    * * *


    The Admission Document and the “Warrant Sebino S.p.A. 2020-2023” Regulation are available at the Company’s registered office and in the Investor relations section of the website www.Sebino.eu

    The Company has been assigned the following codes:

    • Alphanumeric code: SEB (ordinary shares) – WSEB23 (warrant)
    • ISIN code of the ordinary shares: IT0005413510
    • ISIN code of warrants: IT0005413502.

    For the dissemination and storage of Regulated Information, the company uses the 1INFO dissemination system, managed by Computershare S.p.A. based in Milan, via Lorenzo Mascheroni 19 and authorized by CONSOB.

    * * *

    Sebino (AIM:SEB), Sebino has been operating for 40 years on the Italian market and for 10 on the Romanian market. It vis one of the main System Integrators in both countries, operating in the design, development and installation of fire and security systems mainly for Multinationals and Main Contractors. Sebino also offers an innovative maintenance 24/7service via remote control.

    For more information

    Company Contacts

    Sebino S.p.A. | investors@sebino.eu | Tel: +39 035 292811

    Nominated Adviser Contacts

    Integrae SIM S.p.A. | info@integraesim.it | Tel: +39 02 87208720

    Sebino Antincendio S.r.l. becomes Sebino S.p.A.

    Sebino continues its growth path in a constant and incessant way and becomes a joint stock company!

    Sebino Antincendio S.r.l. – on the Italian and European market for over forty years as system integrator for the design, prefabrication, installation and maintenance of fire prevention systems and Special Security systems – is growing further and changing its company name to Sebino S.p.A.

    This Bergamo excellence goes on with sure and determined rate and increasingly ambitious goals with perseverance and work spirit typical of its territory, and now it changes its name.

    After registering in Bergamo Register of Companies on 3rd June 2020, it becomes a joint stock company from a limited liability company, while registered office, share capital, VAT number, tax code and registration number remain unchanged. at the Register of Companies of Bergamo.

    We wish to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers who have shown us loyalty, esteem and closeness over the years. People even before customers. People who Sebino puts, day after day, at the center of its business to protect them and to grow together with the strength and energy of those who put their heart and soul into professionalism, even before skills and experience.

    Thanks from Sebino S.p.A..

    Fight against COVID-19:
    SEBINO on the front line for the new hospital in Milan

    Winning example of collaboration and perfect synergy – this is how we can define the agreement among AGIE, Sebino Fire and Security and Tecnofire by Tecnoalarm, two based in the Bergamo area and one in Turin, all united by a 100% Italian identity. Thanks to the advanced skills of all the professionals involved, the new “Pavilion of the Policlinico in Fiera” of the Milan Hospital was built in record time to cope with the COVID-19 emergency: only ten days.

    Commitment and spirit of sacrifice, professionalism and the desire to serve the territory in order to win an important challenge allowed us to build in a very short time a hospital that is the result of tireless, day and night work. The effort was monumental, involving each step of the process: the design and construction of electrical and smoke detection systems, the production of all necessary materials, the construction of the imposing central system, the monitoring of all systems from a single collection point and management of information and alarms.

    The winning card was the virtuous partnership between the manufacturer and the installers, in the name of the well-known Made-In-Italy quality. A differentiating quid, which has led to a capillary electrical distribution and the creation of ad hoc systems, to the adoption of the best technical solutions for Intensive Care rooms as well as to electro-instrumental units.

    The products used for the smoke detection system alone were about one thousand, while the number of control units stood at forty and the number of sensors at five hundred. The various components, including sirens, buttons, optical-acoustic alarms, air analyzers and command and control modules number in the hundreds. The system also includes a single control center ensuring the dialogue with each individual component, and a technical room for complete management of the entire smoke detection system. As for the latter, each operator can access and monitor the system through graphic maps, so that events such as an incipient fire are immediately detected and communicated by an alarm signal with subsequent activation of all necessary safety procedures.

    All deadlines were met thanks to 100% Italian products and teams of skilled engineers who worked continuously with commitment and self-denial – day and night, including weekends – throwing themselves into the project.

    Emiliano Brignoli, Technical Manager of Sebino Fire & Security, a company specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting systems, says: “It all started in a difficult moment, we were in a critical phase, the production was stopped. When the health emergency linked to COVID-19 was becoming more and more complex to manage, our partner AGIE asked us to face the challenge of building a hospital in record time: we accepted without hesitation, involving Tecnofire for the production of components.”

    “All activities were carried out in a difficult context, in a state of tension which however gave the drive to go on working. We have to thank the sixty people who offered their professionalism to give life to something truly unique,” comments Brignoli, underlining the particular merit of Tecnofire, manufacturer of automatic fire detection systems, “which decided to keep its production plants on the Italian territory and immediately reopened the production lines, with all necessary precautions, to give its contribution”.

    Finally, it is important to remember the crucial coordination role played by AGIE, a leading brand in the design, development, testing and maintenance of electrical systems.

    Professionalism, skills, commitment and collaboration are values that make the difference as never before.

    Read the article on BergamoNews.

    Sebino Fire and Security is partner of Atalanta!

    We are proud to announce that, for the 2019-2020 football season, Sebino Fire and Security is partner of Atalanta, sharing the same value of team play..

    For us, supporting sport means experiencing it personally and involving customers and collaborators vin our passion: the partnership with one of the greatest Italian football teams could only prove to be the best choice.

    For the current football season, a representation of Sebino Fire and Security will be present at every match of the team that Bergamo fans have nicknamed “the Goddess”.

    The members of our organization and Sebino customers will have the extraordinary opportunity to experience the game in all its intensity on the field: from the expressions of the players to dribbling, from goals to strategies, from the coach’s indications to refereeing.

    Thanks, Atalanta, for the emotions and for having “teamed up” with us!

    Sebino Fire and Security:
    new website online and soon on social media

    Sebino Fire and Security is online with a completely redesigned institutional website both in terms of visual communication and contents. It aims at offering all users a comprehensive digital experience. Explore the various sections to discover all our solutions in Fire Protecion, Security, and Maintenance and Remote assistance sectors, from any platform, both desktop and mobile.

    And there’s more: starting from February 2020, Sebino Fire and Security will also be on the main social networks, with industry contents and constant updates. Social media are a crucial channel for increasingly digitalized companies, and are essential to create direct communication between brands and interested users.

    Enjoy your navigation!