• SEBINO | Fire and Security

  • Remote Control for Shutdown Systems

    Remote assistance allows a constant monitoring of the fire extinguishing system of the pump room and the control units. The operating parameters of the system can be checked through control modules placed on pressure switches, flow switches, pumps and valves.

    If the system pumps get started and the pressure switch is activated, the remote control for shutdown systems identifies the compartment from which the alarm has triggered. This way, it is be possible to coordinate, according to the corporate safety protocol, the person in charge on site for immediate intervention aimed at protecting people and property. This also ensures energy savings in the event of false alarms and system activation not due to actual fire extinguishing needs.

    The remote assistance service applied to shutdown systems ensures efficient operation of the entire system: the activity of the systems is documented every month in a report that keeps track of all events, while any anomalies or faults are reported daily.