• SEBINO | Fire and Security

  • Our History

    Sebino Fire and Security is market leader in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated systems for fire detection and extinction and integrated safety systems.

    The company was founded by Marco Cadei in 1979 and keeps on growing unceasingly and exponentially by keeping its roots firm in the values that gave it light; determination, competence, love and passion for the job, paying great attention to its collaborators as well as its customers.

    The satisfaction of people, the care for them and their needs was and still is at the center of the core business of Sebino Fire and Security, a company caring for the needs of its employees and the safety of its customers, a company that has put people at the center of its business.


    Sebino Today

    Today, Sebino Fire and Security has Dr. Gianluigi Mussinelli at the helm of the company, who follows an ever clearer course, leading his organization to a deserved and ever-growing success.

    Taking over the SBS company, Sebino Fire and Security guarantees a 360 degree service in the security and safety field.

    The investments of the recent years, ranging from professional growth to the specialization of resources, have allowed the company to stand out by gaining particular experience in international contexts, making it the ideal partner for structured companies, industrial complexes, logistics warehouses, shopping malls, warehouses, power plants, credit institutions, airports and hospitals. The company operates on a domestic and international level and is a member of the NFPA National Fire Protection Association.