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  • LiDAR perimeter volumetric protection systems

    With Perimeter Volumetric protection we mean a protection that extends throughout the space in a three-dimensional way. How is that possible? Thanks to LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, the evolution of RADAR technology (Radio Detection and Ranging).

    A LiDAR device, as the name suggests, uses light to measure objects, evaluate its speed and location. Why not use a LiDAR in your security system?

    The evolution of the Technology

    Along the years security systems have always evolved, including for example the use of microwave-based perimetral protections, however these devices provide information about the fact the intrusion has occurred and nothing else, making it necessary the use of many CCTV devices with video analysis.

    Also using many cameras provided with video analysis, there will not be the same detection precision provided by LiDAR. For example, with video analysis it is not possible to acquire information about the size of the intruder and such cameras do not work as it should in low-light condition.

    A LiDAR-based security system solves the above-mentioned problems.

    Thanks to the infrared light emitted by the LiDAR is possible to detect with extreme precision the exact point of intrusion. But this is just the beginning: LiDAR systems use Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning, becoming capable to distinguish humans from animals, vehicles, and drones. This opens the doors to a new concept of security. As an example, one can define an area where only a maximum number of people can enter, or can be accessed only by vehicles and not by people: when a person enters this area, the LiDAR system sends and alarm to the operator.

    Advantages of LiDAR systems

    Light is the main advantage of this kind of product, which makes LiDAR invulnerable to any kind of interference, severe weather conditions and low light environment. If paired with a Speed dome camera, the LiDAR can track the intruder and follow him all the way.

    There are various kinds of LiDAR sensors on the market, with different specifications and suitable to different applications.

    • For example, in an open environment it is recommended the use of 360° LiDAR, which allow all-round surveillance and at a minimum range of 120 meters from the device.
    • In indoor conditions, the recommendation is for an all-in-one solution like the Leica Geosystem BLK-247 which has two LiDARs, providing 360° vertical and horizontal coverage, two RGB context cameras and four thermal cameras, this is everything you would need for a high-level security of your assets.

    That’s not all: LiDARs protection system can be integrated with the security systems already in use in your properties. This allows to considerably reduce the number of CCTV devices, running and updating costs, taking your security system to a superior level.