• SEBINO | Fire and Security

  • Sebino S.p.A.

    Sebino S.p.A. deals with design production, on site construction and testing of turnkey firefighting systems.

    The Company Know How in these applications covers multiple technologies, consolidated and innovative which are presently available and allows the construction, in full compliance to technical regulations and customer requests of: Oxygen Reduction Plants, Sprinklers, Water mist, Deluge, Foam, Aerosol, Inert and chemical gases and more.

    The company has the necessary expertise to deal with the various phases of a project:

    • Fire Risk analysis related to people, materials, buildings and production processes;
    • Selection of the best technology and regulatory national or international Standard applicable for fire risk mitigation in the specific case;
    • Detailed design and material procurement strategy;
    • Prefabrication (using robotic production cells) of custom-made parts specific to the project;
    • On site assembly using internal or external personnel with supervision of Company’s Project Managers;
    • Control Quality and Testing procedures carried out by internal resources;
    • Commissioning of the plant in the presence of the plant final operator, the customer or its Project Management, the Fire Department if requested;
    • Training of the firefighting Team in charge of operation of the plant in case of fire.

    The systems designed by Sebino Spa comply with the NFPA, FM GLOBAL, Vds, UNI EN, APSAD, SR EN standards.

    The phases of the interventions

    1. Design

    • On-site survey
    • Project analysis and timing
    • Project layout
    • Hydraulic calculations and system sizing
    • Prefabrication construction drawings

    2. Construction

    • Prefabrication using on robotic line
    • Project analysis and schedule
    • Quality tests
    • Surface preparation and coating

    3. Installation

    • Codification and packaging according to the assembly plan
    • Definition of zoning assembly sequence
    • Installation according to the assembly plan
    • Pressurization test
    • Valve installation and connection
    • Pumping station construction
    • Fire water tank construction
    • Project parameter Check and Test of project parameters

    4. Final Testing

    • Plant final testing
    • Training for plant operation
    • Release of the Technical documentation
    • System certification and delivery
    • Start of the Training maintenance program

    Every step is carried out internally. From Design to Final Test and Maintenance.

    Full service, in-house management of all process steps, of purchase of plant component and check of performances of external contractors: this was our choice and the market has recognized its validity.

    The workshop operates in compliance with ISO 9001.2008 Standard to produce manifolds and pipe branches up to 9 meters by means of a robotized production system which virtually avoids human errors. These manifolds and branches are FM Global approved. Raw materials are carefully selected among made-in-Europe welded and un-welded pipes, which ensure cost savings and total safety after strict quality tests in compliance with UNI EN 10255 – 10216 – 10217 Standards. Welding and coating operations are also carried out internally so that quality can be directly controlled.

    Our warehouse is always fully stocked, and our employees can skilfully deal with each step of the project, ranging from design to after sale maintenance.

    Installation? The result of Efficiency and Quality

    Installation usually requires a long presence on site in order to implement the project and to adapt the various components. The installation of a prefabricated system ensures noticeably short assembly times ensuring accurate, high quality and reliable outcomes. The different pieces are labelled during production in the workshop. This ensures an analytical dossier file of each single piece with all construction data, both dimensional and technical. With this approach, the assembly plan is also fully complied with, avoiding mistakes and second-hand solutions. Operational startup and system test are carried out quickly without unexpected events.

    Upon delivery, our personnel properly trained first carry out the final test of the system, during which operational data are recorded, checked and analysed before transferring to the customer the ownership of the system. A complete set of specific documentation is supplied to the customer for functional verification and correct operation of the plant, along with the procedure for the identification of defects or malfunctions and a list of spare parts that could be necessary during the system lifetime. System certificates and specific technical documents are finally supplied. After training sessions of the system maintenance operators, a maintenance plan is outlined and started, in compliance with the standards, ensuring a flawless system operation.