Security is secured

The ”Security” unit has the mission statement to protect Customers with tailor-made Special Systems meeting their specific needs while ensuring safety only coming from a deep market intelligence.

Professionalism, experience, passion, a highly qualified team and constant research on technological innovations allow us to meet even the most demanding requests, ensuring the quality and the reliability of our components.



Complex systems, easy control

We carefully pay attention to our customers’ needs to draw the most appropriate offer in terms of system and components. Our designers deeply care for their technical updating, since market evolves quickly and continuously.

We can draw cutting-edge and functional proposals only with a deep knowledge of the available innovations, so as to ensure an easy and safe control of the most complex set-up. We are a qualified partner to implement all security systems in industrial, public and civil sectors with tailor-made and performing solutions.


Areas of

Fire Detection

A fire detection and alarm system is a set of electronic devices, so adjusted as to detect fire as quickly as possible and supply a series of signals and indications to control the emergency.
An automatic detection system enables the following:

  1. speed up people, animal and goods evacuation;
  2. activate intervention plans;
  3. activate fire protection sensors (manual and/or automatic extinction).

Intruder Alert

Unfortunately thefts, robberies and intrusions are ever increasing. It is possible to protect and strengthen the company safety by adopting a wide range of innovative, state-of-the-art and efficient solutions, that are immediately available and accessible. Our burglar alarm systems are versatile and reliable and they meet many and various needs.


Video surveillance

A video surveillance system (or CCTV) is a system of video cameras transmitting signals to specific or a limited set of monitors, video recorders or servers. Traditionally CCTV systems were born to simultaneously watch and monitor various critical areas by checking flows, recording and signaling unauthorized intrusions, identifying suspect or dangerous events. Today technology has more to offer than a simple surveillance of persons and goods, since it can foresee the problems and solve them at the source.

Video analysis

CCTV surveillance systems not only are an efficient deterrent for ill-disposed people, but they can also identify strangers accessing a private property in real time and support the reconstruction of criminal events (robberies, thefts, acts of vandalism). With video analysis it is possible to manage complex rules to generate alarms, for instance passage of people, object removal or passage of a specific vehicle, etc.

Access Control

We offer access monitoring in different areas, people and vehicle management and control by using the most innovative technology.