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    Sprinkler systems consist of automatic flood extinguishing systems, and are able to detect the presence of fires and extinguish them in their initial phase or, alternatively, to control them until extinction is complete. Normally installed at the ceiling or roof level, sprinkler systems control the area directly affected by the flames by limiting the minimum extent of damage.

    From a deep knowledge of sprinkler systems, at Sebino Fire and Security we can control each phase internally: from the project to the operational delivery of the system.

    We are firmly convinced that, in order to analyze a plant, competence, experience and ability to optimize all components are needed in full compliance with current regulations.

    Thanks to an engineering approach, to our in home staff of the design office, to the sales area, to specialized technicians who create state-of-the-art complex systems, we guarantee a high level of prefabrication, aimed at speeding up the installation phase.

    The result is the following: reduced installation times, reliability of the works with containment of the final cost.

    Turnkey plants in compliance with current standards: