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  • Ant-intrusion

    Sebino designs and manufactures anti-intrusion systems that can be integrated with video surveillance and access control systems.
    Thanks to twenty years of know-how acquired in the field of systems of this type, Sebino is able to cover any area and solve all anti-intrusion problems.

    Technology, reliability, design

    We develop indoor and outdoor security systems equipped with Remote Sensitivity Control – RSC, which is the technology allowing remote programming and control of the whole system. RSC ensures interaction with components to control functionality and automatically report events to the control room.

    Sebino searches the market for the best features for the anti-intrusion and alarm system: the appropriate technology, reliability, ease of use and design are essential discriminants for all our solutions.


    Tomorrow is today

    Sebino is ahead of innovation, seeking high-tech solutions in the world of anti-theft systems always capable of offering something more. Many of the innovations identified and proposed to customers were subsequently sought by other installers, such as the RDV Remote Digital Verification system, which allows the user to see in real time and with certainty whether the anti-theft system has triggered for an actual intrusion or accidental causes.

    Sebino anti-intrusion systems meet any security request, from the small company system to large industrial systems. Expandable, locally or remotely programmable products, that can be adjusted to the various transmission technologies on the market, and remotely controlled thanks to the control software. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, so as to make system activation and programming simple and understandable.