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    Gas systems

    In rooms where water cannot be used as an extinguishing agent, gas systems cover special risks, such as DPC, server rooms, archives, UPS rooms, etc., provided that they are confined areas.

    The inert gas extinguishing systems, which generally use nitrogen, argon gas and related mixtures as an extinguisher, essentially operate by lowering the oxygen level in the environment involved by the fire at percentages ranging from 10% to 12 %. Below these values, combustion cannot take place. The goal of inert gas extinguishing systems is to systematically reduce the level of danger generated by the development of flames, reducing their flow-rate.

    Shutdown takes place by:

    • Diluting oxygen (inert gas)
    • Inhibiting flames (3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid)
    • Cooling and inhibiting flames

    SEBINO offers a customized service to select the most suitable extinguishing system for the risk, hydraulic calculations for sizing in accordance with the regulations and qualified personnel for subsequent installation.