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    SebinoConnect® is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to of the Security Systems installed at any site, be it industrial, residential, hospital, logistics, etc.
    It allows constant monitoring of critical system components, installed in the field, continuously recording their status and automatically alerting when a component is lost or is moving away from its “natural” state.
    It allows to interact remotely, in bidirectional mode, for programming, recovery and technical assistance activities.


    • Secure two-way communication with the installed devices;
    • Graphical alarm reception interface, with detailed planimetry of the monitored areas;
    • Geolocation of installations distributed throughout the territory;
    • Integration of alarms, video streams and web technologies on a single console to increase control capability of the operator;
    • On-line alarm procedures, with detailed indications customized for each installation;
    • Alarm management algorithm with priority assessment, able to raise automatically the different levels of alert according to the succession of events;
    • Client applications for workstations monitoring at the customer’s premises or mobile applications;
    • Safety standards according to European Standards EN50518.

    What happens in case of an event?

    In the SebinoConnect®, control room, the operator is alerted by an alarm sound with intensity proportional to the severity of the event.

    The video-wall automatically shows:
    1. The planimetries of the affected sites with flashing icons of the alarm devices;
    2. High resolution Video popups from the installed video cameras, video analytical alarms with the metadata of evaluation the event;
    3. Virtual keyboards for the monitoring of devices;
    4. The safety procedures of the installation.

    The operator will be able to follow step by step the pre-agreed emergency plan until the event is completely resolved.

    SebinoConnect® is a registered Trademark of Sebino S.p.A.