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  • BIM – Building Information Modeling

    BIM is a tool that ensures an added value to a project, optimizes the exchange of data and information between the involved parties and reduces the process times while improving the cost forecast.

    It is not a mere design aid to the advance of technicians, but a dynamic, constantly updated tool, always available to the different professionals involved throughout its life cycle. From conception, it passes through development and production up to maintenance.

    Whether it is a company, public administration or any type of association, board and so on, the end customer is the real beneficiary, being in the position to appreciate and actively and proactively interact at all times.


    Sebino – BIM

    Sebino Fire and Security has decided to adopt the BIM approach – Building Information Modeling – to monitor the design and production steps of the systems.

    Sebino aims at achieving a high standard of monitoring of all stages of the process. The project documentation shall be extracted through the creation of a relational database with 3D interface.

    The implementation of BIM, Building Information Modeling, aims at ensuring a high level of consistency and precision of all the files and documents produced during the life cycle of the work.

    The BIM approach allows a perfect integration of the engineering part while respecting the constraints of the structure, a constant and real time updating of the dimensional and quantitative information.

    And last but not least, the “Clash Detection” tool highlights any interference that can be resolved beforehand rather than on site with a significant money and time savings.