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    Video surveillance systems

    The video surveillance systems designed and manufactured by Sebino are the best solution on the market in terms of quality / price ratio.

    Sebino staff analyzes the customer’s requests to identify the most suitable video surveillance system for each situation. Always informed on the most performing international technologies and continuously testing the latest products, we are able to offer the best solutions for the safety of companies, factories, logistics, hospitals, shopping malls, always guaranteeing worker privacy as well as safety of people and property.

    IP and HD technology

    To meet the different needs of the customer with accuracy, the video surveillance systems developed by Sebino use two different technologies, IP and HD, both highly performing and characterized by a wide range of solutions in terms of resolution, ease of installation, configuration. and management.

    • IP cameras from 2 to 16 Mpx guarantee recording even with very low brightness, even with multiple optics, and offer video analysis functions that analyze the images detecting anomalous behaviors; they ensure video compression, optimizing both data storage in the NVR (up to 64 channels available) and transmission over the network. Ideal for large industrial / commercial and / or logistics areas.
    • HD cameras from Full HD to 4 Mpx ensure high analog resolution. These are innovative cameras, easily and quickly configurable from OSD. Versatile and complete solutions designed to always have control with maximum precision

    The video analysis is carried out with adequate systems both for day and night vision and / or with thermal cameras that generate alarm even at considerable distances (over 200m).


    The best solutions for maximum versatility

    After identifying the places to be monitored and the control methods, the most suitable equipment is chosen, both in terms of cameras (dome or bullet), and video recorders, monitors and various accessories. Our choice aims at customer satisfaction and takes into consideration market leading products and brands characterized by maximum versatility: we want to adjust, set, orient each camera even remotely for complete control.

    Our video surveillance systems guarantee more safety and therefore a better quality of life. With video analysis we can prevent unpleasant events and allow supervision even in critical areas. Sebino studies and manufactures versatile and complete systems that can cope with many coverage, installation and detail needs, ensuring the peace of mind of absolute protection in every situation.