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    Video analysis system

    Sebino studies and develops video analysis systems with intelligent cameras.
    Video analysis allows different types of applications:

    • Motion detection, in which recording starts only when a significant variation in the content of the shots is ascertained.
    • Intruder detection and recognition of human faces and moving objects. This tool is very useful in case of activities requiring people or vehicles monitoring;
    • Detection of abandoned, lost or removed objects. It is essential to control valuables or detect the presence of potentially dangerous objects.

    This technology, based on a sophisticated self-learning search engine, allows quick analyses of large quantities of images.

    Video analysis system

    Sebino designs video analysis systems ensuring the recording of high quality images even in conditions of poor visibility (smoke or fog) or in total darkness, both with bullet cameras, domes, multisensors or thermal cameras.

    All the products used -from the Video platform, to the camera, the NVR / DVR recording system, the switch, from thermal cameras to encoders – are tested and inspected by Sebino enginers to certify their efficiency, performance and their full integration with the security system.