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    Video Surveillance adds “Artificial Intelligence”

    Sebino Security designs and implements CCTV systems with video analysis based on artificial intelligence.

    Today, cameras not only have the ability to record 4K video and provide multiple video streams, but they also support real-time data analysis thanks to the “Artificial Intelligence” techniques integrated into the device. They provide rich, detailed, and sharp multimedia content.

    The concept tells us that video analysis based on artificial intelligence refers to a subset of artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to acquire information, find patterns, and discover relationships among the data. In practice, it is like automating the analysis process that a human being would normally perform.

    In the field of physical security, artificial intelligence analysis uses powerful algorithms to automate the detection, categorization, and analysis of objects and movements within the visual field of a camera. It reduces costs, speeds up responses, and facilitates new practices and processes.

    With video analysis solutions based on artificial intelligence, significant help is obtained in protecting people and property.

    They also provide valuable information such as: parking occupancy, people counting, and vehicle classifications to take applications beyond security.

    Video analysis uses metadata to add meaning and structure to the acquired video footage, helping users to grasp the meaning of the information contained in the scenes and situations to be understood at a deeper level.

    The advantage of artificial intelligence integrated into cameras

    Video analysis based on artificial intelligence is an important factor that significantly enhances security levels.

    Cameras with integrated video analysis capability can provide all kinds of statistics in the form of metadata and allow for scene analysis for purposes other than security, for example, to make smarter business decisions, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, with measurable return on investment through tangible business results.