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  • Fire Extinguishers

    Sebino Fire and Security offers a sales, installation and maintenance service for fire extinguishers according to regulations. The service includes models that vary by type and size in order to meet any type of customer need and requirement.

    Fire extinguishers can be portable, power wheeled, water and Co2 models ranging from 1 kg up to 100 kg.

    The entire range complies with the UNI EN 3-7 European safety standard.
    To take advantage of the fire extinguisher sales, overhaul and testing service, do not hesitate in contacting us

    State-of-the-art fire extinguishers and maintenance

    Fire extinguishers are essential to extinguish fires or initial fires in any type of building and environment.

    Sebino Fire and Security selects the best models on the market, tools that can remain inactive for a long time but function flawlessly in times of need.

    Sales, overhaul and testing service of fire extinguishers includes periodic maintenance.

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