• SEBINO | Fire and Security

  • Remote Control with Monitoring of Smoke Detection Systems

    The centralization with remote control and remote assistance of the smoke detection system allows us to directly monitor from our control room the status of the system in each component. This way, operators will be able to manage each event by reading graphical maps. Remote assistance allows the alarm to be received and processed both in text form and via a graphic map, ensuring a quick and effective identification and resolution of the anomaly.

    In the event of an alarm, the remote assistance service allows the operator to intervene directly from the control room: the activated sensors will switch from rest status (green) to alarm status (red). The condition shall remain until complete recovery. By operating on the alarm control unit, the operator can silence events, reset alarms, exclude or include sensors and sectors, download events from memory, perform function tests of equipment and countless other interventions, exactly as if he were on site.

    In case of emergency, it will be possible to have the persons in charge and / or emergency teams intervene to protect people and assets at risk.