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  • Advanced systems for human body temperature detection

    Thermal cameras are designed for security applications: they provide the most comprehensive perimeter intrusion protection for properties of large and small sizes.

    Key application:

    • Commercial and industrial sites.
    • Protection of critical infrastructure.
    • Perimeter intrusion detection

    Since thermal cameras detect heat, they can detect intrusions in all lighting conditions, including complete darkness, rain, light fog, and smoke.

    Thermal cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) are better for detecting the presence of people

    Considering that security starts with detection, the alert must be absolutely accurate. Since thermal cameras “see” heat instead of light, they are excellent outdoor detectors of humans. They detect intruders with high reliability outdoors through extensive video processing levels. This enables integrated video analysis to maximize the entire dynamic range of the thermal camera, determining very small temperature differences and recognizing intruders with high reliability, even in inclement weather.


    Predictive thermography

    Using temperature variations as an indicator of anomalies in production processes, hazardous material processing, and electrical components to promptly prevent temperature increases and intervene to prevent combustion initiation. With thermal cameras, it is possible to monitor large areas and define, in addition to thresholds, the temperature gradients to be monitored. Integration with the production control process will allow immediate corrective actions to be defined for managing such events.
    Typical application areas: Steel Industry, paper mills, waste management, silos, battery storage, power plants, and distribution substations