Sebino’s growth with special systems

Sebino Antincendio has been in the business of design, manufacture, construction and installation of advanced fire extinction systems for more than 30 years (Sprinkler/foam/deluge systems/hydrants/inert and chemical gases /aerosol/mixed water), focusing on the protection of industrial sites, logistics warehouses, commercial malls, intensive warehouses, power plants, banks and credit institutions, airports, hospitals and hotels.

It is a dynamic company with years of solid experience in fire-fighting systems installed in Italy and in many European Countries.

Its dynamism is enriched by constant updating technology and products, which are made and implemented in each step of the system execution, from design to installation and final test; not to mention the adoption of excellence quality standards in compliance with the following European and international Standards: NFPA – FM GLOBAL – VdS – UNI EN – APSAD – CNBOP – NP086 05 – SR EN.

In March 2017 Sebino Antincendio enlarges its core business by taking over SBS Security System Srl, a company specialized in the design, supply and installation of special systems (fire detection, video surveillance with video analysis, burglar and intruder alarms, access control and automation).

The company can promptly meet the various needs and requirements of the customers thanks to the latest enlargement and an extremely flexible structure supported by a highly specialized and professional designing team and an experienced technical staff dedicated to system installation.

Sebino Antincendio is in the position to offer a centralized monitoring service for the installed systems – both Special and Fire-fighting – from a dedicated Control Room, which is based on round the clock daily availability (Remote Assistance and Remote Control).

A timely and accurate maintenance is also available to ensure that the system is kept in compliance with Standards and that the installed systems operate correctly, together with a post-sales and Customer assistance service with reference to system operations and management. One single partner the Customer can trustfully rely on.

In case of need, the monitoring service (Remote Assistance and Remote Control) performs a diagnosis on the systems even before any technical intervention on site. It identifies the malfunction cause and remotely solves the problem to ensure the system operation.

If the technical intervention on site is unavoidable, Sebino Antincendio is the only point of reference and as such shall activate the maintenance service to restore the system, depending on the fault, while meeting all safety conditions of the Customer. This service is guaranteed on the entire national territory thanks to selected, duly trained and qualified partners, who can ensure a “Full Service package”.

Thanks to all above-mentioned, Sebino Antincendio can stand out on a strongly competitive market by meeting all needs of the Customers.