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    The Company

    We are an example of the typical Italian entrepreneurship, growing thanks to serious and constant work, enriched by ever more advanced and in-depth skills. It was Marco Cadei who started the business in 1979, with the classic Lombard determination. Today, Sebino Fire and Security goes on in its path of passion for artfully work, enhancing the collaborators and satisfying the customers with systems of higher quality than their expectations, and therefore reassuring them about the protection from fire risks.

    3D Virtual Tour

    Have you ever entered the heart of a sprinkler system?
    Have you ever observed the complexity of a pump station up close?

    SEBINO shows it to you, in all its components with this virtual tour.


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    Fire Protection

    Each intervention is 360 degree performance, starting from the analysis of the risks and the environment to be protected up to a system management training.


    From inspection to project layout, passing through safety level and most suitable devices choice, up to the complete customization of the system.



    We guarantee the perfect efficiency of the system at all times, thanks to a team of skilled technicians available for all post-installation services.


    Magazine: Antincendio – june 2024

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    Sebino Operations S.r.l., is born from the synergy between Sebino S.p.A. and RAF S.r.l. aims to strengthen operational processes and ensure an efficient and cutting-edge service.

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