• SEBINO | Fire and Security

  • Smoke Detection

    Sebino develops the best system meeting the customer needs for fire prevention through smoke detection, always in compliance with the current regulations.

    State-of-the-art Technologies and Certified Solutions

    Our highly qualified team designs and manufactures smoke detection systems using all cutting-edge EN-54 certified technologies that the market makes available.

    • Systems with analogue addressed units
    • Systems with conventional main units
    • Systems for areas at risk of explosion
    • Addressed shutdown control unit
    • Integrated systems with lamps for optical signaling of escape routes
    • Software and hardware systems for system centralizing and monitoring
    • Smoke detection with optical smoke, thermal, rate of rise detectors and dual optical-thermal technology
    • Detection through linear smoke barriers for distances up to 200 meters
    • Detection with class A suction systems for buildings over 12 meters high
    • Linear rate of rise detection
    • Smoke detection with videocamera (VDS certified)
    • GAS detection
    • Manual buttons
    • Optical acoustic warning devices