Winning example of collaboration and perfect synergy – this is how we can define the agreement among AGIE, Sebino Fire and Security and Tecnofire by Tecnoalarm, two based in the Bergamo area and one in Turin, all united by a 100% Italian identity. Thanks to the advanced skills of all the professionals involved, the new “Pavilion of the Policlinico in Fiera” of the Milan Hospital was built in record time to cope with the COVID-19 emergency: only ten days.

Commitment and spirit of sacrifice, professionalism and the desire to serve the territory in order to win an important challenge allowed us to build in a very short time a hospital that is the result of tireless, day and night work. The effort was monumental, involving each step of the process: the design and construction of electrical and smoke detection systems, the production of all necessary materials, the construction of the imposing central system, the monitoring of all systems from a single collection point and management of information and alarms.

The winning card was the virtuous partnership between the manufacturer and the installers, in the name of the well-known Made-In-Italy quality. A differentiating quid, which has led to a capillary electrical distribution and the creation of ad hoc systems, to the adoption of the best technical solutions for Intensive Care rooms as well as to electro-instrumental units.

The products used for the smoke detection system alone were about one thousand, while the number of control units stood at forty and the number of sensors at five hundred. The various components, including sirens, buttons, optical-acoustic alarms, air analyzers and command and control modules number in the hundreds. The system also includes a single control center ensuring the dialogue with each individual component, and a technical room for complete management of the entire smoke detection system. As for the latter, each operator can access and monitor the system through graphic maps, so that events such as an incipient fire are immediately detected and communicated by an alarm signal with subsequent activation of all necessary safety procedures.

All deadlines were met thanks to 100% Italian products and teams of skilled engineers who worked continuously with commitment and self-denial – day and night, including weekends – throwing themselves into the project.

Emiliano Brignoli, Technical Manager of Sebino Fire & Security, a company specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting systems, says: “It all started in a difficult moment, we were in a critical phase, the production was stopped. When the health emergency linked to COVID-19 was becoming more and more complex to manage, our partner AGIE asked us to face the challenge of building a hospital in record time: we accepted without hesitation, involving Tecnofire for the production of components.”

“All activities were carried out in a difficult context, in a state of tension which however gave the drive to go on working. We have to thank the sixty people who offered their professionalism to give life to something truly unique,” comments Brignoli, underlining the particular merit of Tecnofire, manufacturer of automatic fire detection systems, “which decided to keep its production plants on the Italian territory and immediately reopened the production lines, with all necessary precautions, to give its contribution”.

Finally, it is important to remember the crucial coordination role played by AGIE, a leading brand in the design, development, testing and maintenance of electrical systems.

Professionalism, skills, commitment and collaboration are values that make the difference as never before.

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