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    Controlled atmosphere for fire prevention

    Fire-fighting solutions with oxygen reduction

    Sebino introduces a new ecological fire prevention solution in the field of fire prevention systems based on the control of the atmosphere of the environment to be protected, in accordance with UNI EN 16750.
    Oxygen reduction technology, widely used for decades in the fruit and vegetable preservation sector in order to reduce oxidation processes, but also in the conservation of highly valuable artistic works, now finds its natural place also in the fire prevention sector.

    Total prevention for high risk environments

    The ORS (Oxygen Reduction System) prevention system is characterized by the ability to operate in particular high-risk areas or in high complexity situations, where traditional fire-fighting systems cannot guarantee a high level of safety or are not compatible with the quality standards provided for the environment to be protected.

    T is a preventive system which generates a self-extinguishing protective atmosphere in the environment, consisting of an altered mixture of oxygen + nitrogen which inhibits the ignition of the fire.

    It is also an ecological solution, totally effective and economically advantageous thanks to installation simplicity.

    The oxygen reduction system is particularly suitable where technical, architectural or aesthetic constraints do not allow the installation of conventional fire-fighting systems, or in particular situations where the heritage to be protected has a very high economic and / or cultural value, such as historical archives and / or museums.


    Advantages of ORS technology

    • Total elimination of any fire risk
    • No environmental and aesthetic impact
    • Design and construction simplicity even in complex situations
    • Safeguarde of the protected material
    • Minimum installation sizes
    • Continuous monitoring of the system
    • Extremely economic for large spaces
    • No storage of cylinder groups
    • On-site production of the inertizer

    Main applications

    • Automatic and / or self-supporting warehouses
    • Goods warehouses
    • Data processing centers
    • Archives
    • Museums, libraries and bookshops
    • Credit institutions
    • Petrochemical and pharmaceutical environments

    The ecological solution from the atmosphere

    ORS fire prevention systems are economically advantageous since they use atmospheric air for the production of Nitrogen, unlike other systems that use inert and / or chemical gases that must be constantly supplied.

    Nitrogen is produced on-site by separating the molecules of compressed air, duly treated and filtered, by means of mechanical diaphragm or active carbon filters, which divide oxygen from nitrogen.

    Oxygen is released back into the atmosphere, while the nitrogen produced is stored in gaseous form to cope with the various consumption needs.


    The system involves the use of smoke and oxygen concentration detectors in the environment which autonomously regulate their production of Nitrogen via PLC and release it into the environment to maintain a constant level of hypoxia.

    An extremely reliable and safe solution thanks to the absence of high pressure cylinders, with minimal installation and maintenance costs and compliant with 97/23 / EC PED European standards.

    An innovative solution with zero ecological impact, certified according to the highest standards.
    It can really be considered a preventive solution, unlike other classic fire-fighting systems, as it is based on the inertisation of the atmosphere at a non-combustion level, eliminating the possibility of starting fires thanks to constant monitoring and control of the percentage ratio between oxygen and nitrogen inside the environment to be protected.