SEBINO Group and EPROM sign a strategic agreement for long-term development of Security activities

There is no denying that the fire prevention, video surveillance and access control sectors are undergoing a major technological change affecting our companies.
Artificial intelligence, eco-friendly infrastructure, remote signal management, and platforms for digitization will all be drivers that propel our products and services to success in the near future. To facilitate this transformation, we felt it necessary to generate acquisitions to meet these challenges.

These are the reasons why SEBINO SECURITY and EPROM SYSTEM agreed upon the terms of a seamless integration aimed at celebrating the distinctive features of the two companies, renowned for the quality of their installations and the promptness of their service. To this end, the two companies will combine their technical, production and financial resources in an attempt to offer increasingly advanced solutions, meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

According to the terms of the contract signed 20/01/2023 and effective 01/02/2023, EPROM SYSTEM Srl’s entire organizational structure, as well as all related activities and facilities, have been integrated to form a stronger division of the SEBINO Group and will maintain operational continuity both with regards to productivity and existing commercial agreements.

This coordinated step consolidates and strengthens Sebino’s position and allows for better and more audacious long-term planning of advanced products, systems and services for the Security sector.