Sebino S.p.A. admitted to trading on the AIM Italia Market

Successful float of no. 1,782,000 newly issued ordinary shares. Unit price of 2.0 Euro per share.
Investor demand 3.7 times higher than asset inflow of approximately 3.6 million Euro.


•   Start of trading scheduled for 19th June 2020

•   Publication of the Admission Document and the “Warrant Sebino S.p.A. 2020-2023” Regulation

Madone, 18th June 2020 Sebino S.p.A. (“Sebino” or “Company”), is a leading System Integrator in the engineering and 24/7 remote control of fire and security systems, with specific specialization in design and installation both in Italy and abroad. It operates in the logistics market and is active in the industrial and civil sector, on behalf of primary Italian and foreign customers. The Company successfully completed the listing process and is admitted to trade ordinary shares and “Warrant Sebino S.p.A. 2020-2023” on the AIM Italia multilateral trading system, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

The trading start date of ordinary shares and “Sebino Warrants 2020-2023” is set on Friday 19th June 2020.

* * *


The admission took place after floating 1,782,000 ordinary cum warrant shares – greenshoe included – all in capital increase, mainly aimed at institutional, professional investors, generating a demand from investors 3.69 times higher than asset inflow.

The overall equivalent of the offer is approximately € 3.6 million at the floating price of € 2.00 per share.

The operation provides for the assignment of no. 1 warrant for each new share subscribed as part of the capital increase. The operating windows are scheduled for 2021, 2022 and 2023 where nr. 1 converted share can be subscribed every 5 held warrants.

* * *


The Company share capital after capital increase consists of 13,282,000 ordinary shares – greenshoe included – with nominal value of zero. Based on the offer price, Sebino’s capitalization upon admission is approximately € 26.6 million. The free float of the post-capital increase is equal to 13.42% of the Company’s share capital.

The following table shows the composition of the corporate structure resulting from the capital increase:

Shareholder No. of Shares on the Date of the Admission Document No. of Shares after Capital increase (Greenshoe included)
Shares % Shares %
Nexus I. S.r.l. 6.095.00 53 6.095.000 45,89
Cadei Family 4.830.000 42 4.830.000 36,37
Giovanni Romagnoni 575.000 5 575.000 4,33
Market (*) 0 0 1.782.000 13,42
Total 11.500.000 100 13.282.000 100

(*) Investors falling within the definition of “float” pursuant to the AIM Issuers’ Regulation and those not falling within this definition are intended.

* * *

Sebino’s Chief Executive Officer, Gianluigi Mussinelli commented: “Our arrival on the AIM market proves the determination of an Italian SME, in the Bergamo area, which has not been stopped by Covid-19, and wishes to represent in these difficult and uncertain times a symbol of courage and the will of a company and its collaborators to determine one’s future, involving the most far-sighted and active part of our country in this.
Today’s is not a finish line, but the first step on a path of new projects and growth that we have always pursued with strength and determination, to share the results with our collaborators and partners and the market. Finally, I would like to thank all those who helped us to reach this milestone which is so important to us”.

* * *


In the procedure for admission to trading on AIM Italia, Sebino is assisted by Integrae SIM, as Nominated Adviser, Global Coordinator Bookrunner and Specialist, by Arkios Italy as Financial Advisor, Tax Law Finance as External Advisor, by the law company Bonelli Erede Lombardi Pappalardo, as deal counsel, and by BDO Italia as auditing company.

* * *


The Admission Document and the “Warrant Sebino S.p.A. 2020-2023” Regulation are available at the Company’s registered office and in the Investor relations section of the website

The Company has been assigned the following codes:

  • Alphanumeric code: SEB (ordinary shares) – WSEB23 (warrant)
  • ISIN code of the ordinary shares: IT0005413510
  • ISIN code of warrants: IT0005413502.

For the dissemination and storage of Regulated Information, the company uses the 1INFO dissemination system, managed by Computershare S.p.A. based in Milan, via Lorenzo Mascheroni 19 and authorized by CONSOB.

* * *

Sebino (AIM:SEB), Sebino has been operating for 40 years on the Italian market and for 10 on the Romanian market. It vis one of the main System Integrators in both countries, operating in the design, development and installation of fire and security systems mainly for Multinationals and Main Contractors. Sebino also offers an innovative maintenance 24/7service via remote control.

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