In the new video shot by the specialists of Sebino Fire and Security it is possible to take a virtual guided tour of a pumping station.

The route starts with an aerial overview of the water reserve tank, equipped with a useful capacity equal to 600 cubic meters of water, and then continues inside the diesel tank with sprinkler motor pump and hydrant system motor pump.

Subsequently, the guided tour continues with a detail of the motorized ventilation damper and, inside the room, with the sprinkler motor pump unit (2000 us gpm @ 101 meters). We then focus on the delivery pipe of the sprinker motor pump and on the detailed exploration of the primary motor pump and the hydrant system, characterized by a flow rate of 72 cubic meters of water per hour. (@ 78 meters).

We then reach the exhaust fumes of the sprinkler motor pump, installed on the ceiling, and the electric jockey sprinkler (flow rate 4 mc/h for 116 meters). Here, at the end of the video, it is possible to see the detail of the test circuit of the sprinkler motor pump.

It is a really interesting virtual tour, which allows you to appreciate the complexity of the pumping station through its various components, all operating in complete synergy. It also represents an excellent opportunity to closely observe the quality of Sebino systems, an international reference point for the excellent resolution of security problems in a broad way, ranging from from fire to burglar alarm, video surveillance.